“The finest of literary editors - and Henry Ferris is surely one of the first water - has to be concerned both with the major structural components of a book, as well as with the tiny details that can bring a story to life. I have had the privilege of working with Henry for more than a decade, a period during which he oversaw - in a constructive, genial and kindly way - the production of some books of mine that had complex internal structures, and yet were peppered with the kind of minutiae that readers have come to expect of my writings. So Henry worked with me both during the early days of the creative process, advising whether this approach or that best suited the complexity of the topic; and was there for me once the book’s first draft was done, suggesting tweaks both to the major lines of the story and then meticulously adjusting its small-scale brush-strokes. That each of these books then turned out to be a considerable success owes much to Henry and our editorial partnership - and which itself evolved over the years into a close personal friendship, which I treasure.”

—Simon Winchester, New York Times bestselling author of The Men Who United The States and Pacific

“Henry Ferris can make a manuscript soar. Working with him on my book Over the Edge of the World: Magellan’s Terrifying Navigation of the Globe was a master class in editorial precision and vision. He has an uncanny ability to realize the full potential of a composition. I am still absorbing the precepts he so effectively put into practice.”

—Laurence Bergreen, author of Over the Edge of the World

Henry Ferris is the best! I have loved working with him and together we put out some great, bestselling books.”

—Ken Blanchard, bestselling coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Raving Fans

“Anybody who gets Henry Ferris as an editor is lucky. At the beginning of the process, Henry is terrific at working on the concept and figuring out the structure, and at the end, he’ll spot a misplaced comma. It’s kind of magic to see him work. You don’t quite understand what he did or how your manuscript changed. You just know it’s much, much better.”

—Laurence Leamer, New York Times bestselling author of The Lynching and The Kennedy Women

I worked with Henry on four, consecutive New York Times bestsellers - each one vastly different than the one before. They ranged from intensely personal memoir to adventure travel, from sweeping historical narrative to parenting self-help. The sheer breadth of this experience is the greatest endorsement I can give him: Henry made each book better. Rather than approaching my work with a standard set of editorial tricks, he understood what I was trying to accomplish, and realized where I was getting in my way, where I needed to push myself further, and where I needed to radically restructure what was on the page. Also, we laughed a lot, enjoyed the process, and became a team. I have already recommended friends to Henry, and will continue to do so." 

—Bruce Feiler, bestselling author of Walking the Bible, Abraham, and The Secrets of Happy Families

"Never before Henry Ferris - and I had written more than 20 books, including a #1 New York Times bestseller, by the time we did our first book together - had I ever experienced the extraordinary attention to detail that Henry brings as an editor from beginning to end. From the day he acquired my proposal until the book was published two years later, he was my advocate, my guiding star, my consigliere. I had his full attention any time I needed it - Henry is a great communicator! - but he also knew when to step back and let me do my thing. That is a rare combination in today's publishing world. Henry is the full package, and any writer - experienced or not - would be lucky to call him 'my editor.’"

—Bruce Henderson, New York Times bestselling author of Sons and Soldiers

“Henry Ferris is the best editor I have worked with in the 35 years I've been a professional writer. He is straightforward, gracious, creative, enterprising and patient (oh, is he patient). He makes the editing process painless. He's a master at structure, clarity and pacing. Henry's strong background in politics, current events and history makes him well-suited to work on a great variety of book projects.”

—Barbara Feinman Todd, author of Pretend I’m Not Here and founding journalism director and professor emerita, Georgetown University

"What is a great editor? Someone who makes your writing better. That’s Henry Ferris. Henry was my editor for three of my books with William Morrow, and he devoted incredible energy and expertise to improving the manuscript for each one. There is no doubt in my mind that my finished books would not have been nearly as good without Henry’s editorial pen. I am most fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

—Mark Lee Gardner, author of Rough Riders, To Hell On A Fast Horse and Shot All To Hell

Henry Ferris has shepherded several of Ken Blanchard’s books from the idea stage to bestsellerdom. His formidable skills have been well honed in the heart of New York City’s publishing world. A seasoned editor, he’s intelligent, insightful, and encouraging. He has an eye for talent; he knows what works and what doesn’t. On top of that, he’s personable and funny. Working with Henry is always a joy.”

Martha Lawrence, Executive Editor for Ken Blanchard

“You couldn't ask for a better editor than Henry: Smart, decisive, kind, thoughtful, trusting and caring, he brought life to the long (and often arduous) process of publishing a book. He remembers small details, engages creatively, and always pushes you to come up with a better turn of phrase, a more complete thought. I always knew my books were in the very best of hands. He made sense of the whole publishing experience, and kept the books (and the brand) heading in the right direction. If you're lucky enough to have Henry buy your book proposal, sit back and enjoy the ride.”

—Ilyce Glink, Author of 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask, Speaker, Financial Wellness Advocate, Founder/CEO of Best Money Moves LLC

“Behind every good writer, there is a great editor, and Henry is one of them. Henry was a steady hand in keeping me focused on my audience. In the beginning, he helped reorganize and shape my ideas and thoughts from the proposal to the written page. He was always available and helpful whenever I got stuck, providing useful early feedback, yet allowing me to figure my own way when I was struggling. As a line editor, Henry was superb. He was fast, but careful, catching errors of fact, tightening my writing, and helping me explain things to an audience not as expert in these topics. He also doesn't get lost in the weeds as many writers and editors do. He helped me understand the complete story and made great suggestions on how to let readers see that bigger picture. Most of all, Henry is caring and thoughtful, and was a delight to work with over the last few years.”

—Jeff Selingo, New York Times bestselling author, Washington Post columnist, higher education strategist, LinkedIn Top 10 influencer and author of There Is Life After College